Thursday, August 29, 2013

Set up!

Awhile back I finally got to test out my new 1 gallon ceramic fermenting crock. I received it back in April but its size, and the weight of commitment to whatever I fermented inside it, held me back. But THE DAY finally came because...


...pickling cucumbers were 5 for a dollar!!! at the farmer's market.

The very nice man selling them convinced me how easy it was to do the real ferment and one thing led to another. I loosely followed the recipes in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and on the blog Nourished Kitchen. The grape leaf seemed to do its job in keeping them crunchy but next time I will add no clove.

The BF still prefers vinegar refrigerator pickles to the final fermentation product I produced, so the recipe needs a bit of tweaking to pass that final test. I thought they were GREAT. But, as a whole foods loving crunchy lady, I'd eat about anything if you tell me its lacto-fermented.

What?! It's got billions of bugs in it that will benefit my gut microbiome?! Its been sitting on the counter unrefridgerated for a week?! Pass it over, mama. woot <3

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