Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cooking these days often falls into the category of creative outlet. 

This is something I adore, since so much of my daily life (ahem...day job) revolves around such mundane, repetative, sterile tasks.

Not only do I get to imagine, create, and feel my way through the recipe process, but in the end...we get to EAT IT! Yes, if I may say so myself, this is pretty flippin' fantastic. Pure GENIUS.

Yesterday the 20 lbs of peaches I had picked up at the local fruitstand were finally ripe. $0.50/lb so I just could not resist buying a truckload. I had rinsed them in vinegar solution a few days ago and carefully and lovingly patted each dry and placed in single layers in paper bags  to ripen. Can you tell I've had problems with rotting stone fruit before? What? me? never!!

Thank goodness none of them rotted before they ripened and a chose about 30 of the ripest ones and started (sort of) following a recipe from one of my current favorite blogs, Nourished Kitchen's Peach Butter recipe

This peach butter looked easier than jam and had no extra sugar or pectin (more on my disappointing learning curve with pectin later...).

I started by peeling the peaches using a boiling water bath. It was seriously SO EASY. I don't know why everybody complains so much. Just plop them in boiling water. Take a drink of tea. Pull them out and plop them in ice water. 
Roll them around in your hand and...viola!

I ended up using about 32 medium peaches total. Next I just started pulling the pits out and plopping the halves in my pot. I had to use two pots since I don't own a big enough one (ahem...boy I live with who wants to buy me presents).

This is possibly the most beautiful cooking project I've been on lately. Look at those colors

Then I mashed a bit to get the juices flowing and just let it cook away

I added some spices. Cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardamom, allspice. All together about 1/4 cup of spices split between the two pots

Eventually I blended with my emersion blender and then employed the boy to stir stir stir because the thick boiling mush was quite explosive as it got thicker and I had to run off and doctor a large burn on my arm.

Next up will be canning the whole mess. The partially reduced slop is sitting in my fridge because after we hosted the weekly community potluck there was no time...no time....

and did I mention it made the whole house smell like peach pie? I think I might have to make a peach pie with the remaining couple of peaches. Yummy.

until next time <3

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